8th July 2022

What’s Next For The 13-Inch MacBook Pro?

As Apple enthusiasts, we can never really be certain what Apple is doing or why. They’re always clouded in mystery, which sometimes leaves us feeling a little confused about their actions. That’s certainly how we feel with the updated 13-inch MacBook Pro. See, there aren’t many changes to the device at all. Don’t get us wrong, it’s still a fantastic machine, but we can’t help wondering… surely, there must be more?

Join us as we explore the current situation with the 13-inch MacBook Pro – and why there could be some exciting announcements on the cards.

A less challenging choice?

We’ve written about which 13-inch MacBook Pro to choose before – because there was that much choice. At WWDC Apple announced the new M2 chip, and that it was being placed in the two highest selling MacBooks: the Air and the 13-inch MacBook Pro. 

Some are arguing that it’s worth waiting for the release of the brand-new MacBook Air, which will arrive with customers from mid July. It’s certainly a great device, with its M2 chip, 20% reduction in volume and fast charging options – and let’s not forget its all-new (and thinner-than-ever) design. Weighing just 2.7 pounds, its 100% aluminium unibody enclosure ensures durability. It also has a 13.6-inch Liquid Retina display, industry-leading Force Touch trackpad, and fresh colour choices: the sleek midnight, or the stunning starlight.

So, with the 13-inch MacBook Pro’s chassis being identical, and little difference in the lease prices, the only real change is the M2 chip, which makes you think: is the 13-inch worth it when you could get a MacBook Air?

Then there’s the still-fresh 14-inch device with its M1 Pro Chip – it has many benefits compared to the 13-inch. It’s faster, more portable, has a six-speaker sound system and 1080p FaceTime HD camera, plus a long battery life and additional ports. With the MacBook Air slightly cheaper, and the 14 inch providing more bang for your buck, you might question if the middle device is the right option when it hasn’t progressed as much as expected.

However, we think Apple might have something up its sleeve…


Scenario 1: The end of the 13-inch MacBook Pro

A car analogy can be best used to describe what the future could be for the 13-inch machine. It’s an end-of-the-line situation. When a car is near its finishing time, about a year before manufacturers shift it, they’ll throw everything at it – for instance giving it a new body kit, sports seats and a steering wheel. Around 12 months later, they’ll release new cars. So maybe this is what Apple is doing – making room for something even better.

Although this could be the situation, we’re not convinced. It’s not like the 13-inch MacBook Pro is a dying breed. Apart from the MacBook Air, it’s the most popular product our customers choose to lease – a similar situation felt by Apple in sales terms. This therefore begs the question: why hasn’t it received the updates expected?

Scenario 2: A product of its circumstances

Whilst the changes to the 13-inch MacBook Pro may feel a bit lacklustre, it’s important to remember the environment we’re living in. The supply chain issue causing the global chip shortage, for instance, and let’s not forget the aftermath of the pandemic, the living crisis, and the great resignation. It’s certainly not an easy marketplace at the moment.

Perhaps Apple simply couldn’t deliver their planned updates at WWDC 2022. This does have a bright side though – it means these changes may be coming later on, which is always an exciting time for us Mac enthusiasts!

The choice is yours

Ultimately, the device you buy is up to you. There have been similar situations before – remember when Apple launched the iMac Pro only for it to be cheaper and better equipped than its big brother the Mac Pro? 

The 13-inch MacBook Pro is definitely still a valuable choice. It’s available now, and has longer video playback and web usage time compared to the 14-inch MacBook Pro. We’ve loved commenting on its updates over the years, even when it’s only been slight changes.

Whatever you choose, we’re here to help. Obviously, Apple products don’t come cheap – but leasing supports your cash flow, so you can reach your growth goals. There’s no better partner than Lease Loop; we’ll be there at every stage, cheering you on and providing the equipment you need.

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