25th November 2022

The Positivity Apple Has Brought Us Over A Difficult 2022

We can’t deny that there’s been a lot of negativity throughout 2022.  Yet that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been any good news, especially considering all the exciting things Apple has done to keep us Mac fans enthused.

Here, we explore just a few ways Apple has brought a smile to our faces in these difficult times.

Consistently inconsistent

This year we’ve really been able to count on Apple to be… well, inconsistent. Usually, we’re quite sure we know what they’re up to – even with their not-so-surprise October events.

However, we’ve not had many clues over the past 12 months. Even when we thought we knew, we were wrong. For instance, we were confident there would be a new Mac release this autumn, but this is the first time in five years that it hasn’t happened. There were rumours of a 27-inch iMac Pro too – and this didn’t come to fruition either.

Yet, Apple has kept us on our toes with unforeseen announcements, like switching to a standard PC and screen style via the Mac Studio and Studio Display. Plus, some events have had big question marks hanging over them – like their Special Spring Event. Now, there’s hearsay about the return of the illuminated logo.

Apple has made 2022 a year of consistent inconsistency. We really don’t know what will happen next, and that’s all part of the thrill.

Continuous updates

Despite a seemingly haphazard announcement calendar, Apple hasn’t shied away from new products or software updates this year. For instance, they announced the 13-inch MacBook Pro and, in June, delighted us with an M2 Chip.

Recent software updates include macOS 13 (also known as Ventura), tvOS 16, and iPadOS 16 – the latter pleasingly providing a more macOS-esque experience. We’ve also seen several exciting product releases, like the iPhone 14 and a variety of fresh Apple Watches, including the Apple Watch Series 8. 

Challenging the Great Resignation

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How has Apple helped? Thankfully, technology enables businesses to implement hybrid working effectively. Macs allow people to do their jobs to the highest standard, regardless of whether they’re at home or in the office. Zero-touch deployment and access to AppleCare support ensure easy onboarding, helping organisations survive the Great Resignation. Plus, we should mention that you can lease what you need…

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