31st October 2023

‘Scary Fast’ M3 Processor, iMacs, MacBooks: Everything That Was Announced At The October Special Event

With the unexpected announcement of an Apple October Special Event last week, we made a number of predictions centred around some new Macs, along with the much-anticipated M3 processor that was rumoured to live up to the ‘Scary Fast’ event name. These predictions have become reality among many other exciting announcements.

Join us as we discuss everything that was revealed at the event, and all the devices you can now opt to lease.

High-speed M3 chip

Apple released a new range of processors: the M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Pro Max. These are the first chips built on 3-nanometer technology. As they enable more transistors in a compact space, they’ll trigger better speed and efficiency. In fact, the numbers speak for themselves: rendering with the M3 processor is 1.8x quicker than the M2. Its Neural Engine also boasts a 15% increase in speed compared to the M2, and 60% compared to the M1 chip.

M3 iMacs

Every iMac from now on will have the M3 processor, which is a massive upgrade given that they haven’t been updated in over two years. These were previously equipped with the M1 chip, meaning that Apple has completely skipped the M2 for this device.

For users who still have an Intel-based iMac, upgrading to the new M3 iMac will enable a significant boost in performance and features. Compared to the 27-inch iMac, it’s as much as 2.5x quicker – growing to 4.5x against the 21.5-inch model.

While this is a massive change, it should be noted that there are many things staying the same, namely the design, colour options, and even price.

New 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros

MacBook Pros are now also armed with the M3 processor. The 14-inch model is up to 60% faster than the 13-inch device when equipped with the M1 chip, and 40% if it has the M2. What’s more, the new range of M3 MacBook Pros are as much as 11% quicker than the fastest Intel PCs.

There are other benefits too. Users shouldn’t even hear the fans anymore (depending on the nature of their work!), and the devices have marginally brighter displays and support both Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3. There’s a maximum of 11 hours of additional battery life as well. 

Colour choices are reliant on the specific model: the M3 14-inch MacBook Pro comes in Space Grey or Silver, and the Pro and Max 14-inch and 16-inch devices come in Silver or Space Black. The latter is meant to be fingerprint-resistant, which is good news as smudge-ridden Midnight MacBook Air owners will attest.

The 14-inch device is the new entry-level MacBook Pro, rather than the 13-inch MacBook Pro, with Apple having cut the price substantially. This comes at the same time as a slightly cleaned-up product range, with the Air appearing to be more aimed at office and administration roles, and the Pro at professional and creative users.

The end of the 13-inch device?

Something we also need to mention is that Apple didn’t reveal an M3 13-inch device at all. Given that the other two MacBook Pro models got an update, and you can no longer purchase a 13-inch device from the Apple website, we’re inclined to believe that it has been removed from the line-up.

This means that the 13-inch is now in the ‘end of life’ stage. Considering that they’re the only machine with a Touch Bar, this feature appears to be consigned to the history books.

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If you missed the event and are wanting to watch it in full – you can do so by clicking here.