31st May 2017

Refreshed MacBook Pro coming?

For fans of the 15” MacBook Pro it was a long wait for the latest MacBook Pros to arrive. 527 days to be accurate. Various WWDC’s and Apple Events came and went until last October Apple launched the 15” MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

In line with the old saying about buses it now appears that a refreshed 15” MacBook Pro could be about to hit our shelves. Only 220 days later it would appear that Apple will use next week’s WWDC to announce the refreshed 15” MacBook Pro.

A quick look at Apple’s online store shows that delivery dates for the current 15” model have slipped to the 7-9 June. This coincides with WWDC and is usually a good indication that Apple is planning to release a new product.

For those who have leased the latest model we do not think that there is going to be anything drastic happening. More than likely it will be just the incorporation of Intel’s Kaby Lake processors. At best there may be an option to increase the RAM to 32GB but this may appear later on in the year.

What is interesting is that the Kaby Lake processors are available for both the MacBook and 13” MacBook Pro but the delivery dates have not been altered on the Apple website. Two possible explanations are that Apple intends to phase the introduction of the processors across the range or that it is focusing on its pro customers and ensuring that those who want the 15” model have are given the chance to get the latest technology when it arrives.

Interestingly, the only other model within Apple’s line up to show a change in delivery timescales is the 12.9” iPad Pro. Rumours have persisted for quite a while that a 10.5” iPad Pro will be launched. It is thought that it will mirror a lot of the technology that is expected in the iPhone 8. Do no Home Button and a more edge to edge design.

When it comes to Apple products it is always hard to predict when and what Apple will be launching. Last October everybody waited to see what Apple would launch and whilst the MacBook Pro customers were happy anybody wanting a different Mac was left disappointed as not only where they no new products but the prices went up.

We try and help our customers by given them as much knowledge as possible so that they can make the right decision for them. If you are not time constrained we would always advise around the time of an event to wait to see what Apple do. A wait of a week might allow you to get the very latest product that Apple has to offer. The flipside is that if you wait you never quite know what they are going to do to their pricing structure. As much as it can be frustrating when it comes to that keynote speech at WWDC we will be watching the live stream excited to see what Apple will launch next.