4th December 2019

macOS Catalina Is Finally Here: How Will It Boost Your Business?

June’s WWDC event confirmed that the macOS Catalina was coming, and it was released in October. With this new version of the operating system comes numerous business-boosting features.

Now that a little time has past and more users have installed the latest macOS, we explore the very best ones that are sure to take your enterprise to the next level.


If you have an iPad, you’re in luck. Sidecar allows you to extend your Mac screen to it, whether it’s wired or wireless – they just need to be in close proximity of one another.

With two displays and the ability for your iPad and Mac to speak to each other seamlessly, your business’ efficiency will resultantly skyrocket. Plus, if you, or any employees, perform design work, then the linked-up iPad can be used as a drawing tablet. However, this is only for certain apps like Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Illustrator.

New apps

Complementing this synergy and efficiency is Project Catalyst, which allows developers to port their apps to the Mac.

There is also a new app that is certain to boost productivity, and you’ll have seen it before on your iPhone or iPad: Screen Time. It takes note of your usage time and delivers insightful trends. As it syncs with all your Apple devices, you’ll have a full understanding of where you spend your time, and how you can get more work done.

iTunes replaced

iTunes is also changing and being replaced with Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple Books and Apple Podcasts, which now has improved searchability.

Those who have any reason to deal with music can also take advantage of accessibility to all their music collections, regardless of if the tracks have already been downloaded or are being streamed. Creative enterprises will particularly benefit from these advancements.

App enhancements

There have also been improvements to other apps These include Reminders – which are now easier to create, track and manage.

Safari is more straightforward to use too. It has a start-up page which takes intelligence from Siri Suggestions to bring up the most frequently visited websites and bookmarks. You’ll find getting through your inbox much simpler as well. Within the Mail app, you can now block messages, mute notifications for specific threads, and send unsubscribe requests to mailing list providers.

Security improvements

Security has seen enhancements too. Gatekeeper ensures that every new app installed is examined – both initially, and at periodic intervals afterwards.

macOS Catalina will also always confirm whether an app can access your data before allowing it to do so. Your consent will be requested if an app wants to carry out key logging or capture your screen in any way.

Such high security is one of the Mac’s many benefits. However, the device does have one drawback: price. Whilst you might not be able to escape its high cost for its wealth of incredible functionalities, you can do something else – spread the cost over time via leasing.

This will ensure you can maintain a positive cash flow. There’s a range of leasing options available and at Lease Loop, we’ll take into account your needs to find you the most suitable one. Get in touch with our friendly team to begin the process today.