4th July 2018

In reviews we trust…

Recently, I was lucky enough to spend a few days with my family, down in Cornwall. Having never been there before, I often found myself reaching for my phone and quickly Googling various things such, best places to eat.

Whilst this is not a fool proof method of selecting the best fish and chips in Padstow, I find it does help me speed up my decision-making process no end. Historically, our family has walked around holiday destinations for hours trying to find that right restaurant, with the best view and alike.

Now we habitually use ratings sites allow to speed up our decision-making process. Its not a guarantee of success but reading previous customers experiences does allow to hone in on a place and then based on your immediate impression you can decide to go with it or not.

It was when having undertaken yet another search to find the best cream tea or best Cornish pasty that I had a bit of a lightbulb moment. It finally dawned on me that if I am doing this for things I want, then our prospective customers will be doing the same for our services.

So we decided to sign with the ratings agency Feefo. Very shortly all of our new customers will receive an email from Feefo allowing them to rate the service that they receive from Lease Loop.

Our whole ethos as a company is to be focused on our customers and like any growing business this becomes more of a challenge the more customers you get. Presently our focus is on implementing processes that allow us to keep regular contact with our customers. Understand their needs and the challenges that they are facing. Allowing new customers, the opportunity to provide honest feedback about our performance is a vital first component of that strategy.