1st March 2024

How Skiing Helped Us Turn Feedback Into Forests

As a former ski instructor, James longs to be at the slopes. Recently we watched Ski Sunday and James recognised the location, La Vallée Blanche – but it wasn’t how he remembered it…

The programme revealed that the glacier is retreating due to the impact of climate change. It’s losing metres of ice every year. In 2023 alone, with the hottest summer on record, 17 metres were lost. If the current trajectory continues, then we can expect 90-95% of the glaciers in the Alps to be gone by the end of the century.

For us, this really hit home. Skiing has brought James so much joy in his life, but our kids’ generation may not get the chance to even do it. It’s something we’ve taken for granted – we can’t imagine a world without it.

Obviously, this is very much a first-world problem. There are bigger matters related to the loss of the glaciers – like central Asia relying on them for its water supply. This made us think: what can we do?

A sustainability assessment

As a 100% remote business, our impact on the environment is fairly minimal. If we’re going to networking events, we try to car share. For meetings in London, we’ll get the train. Before the energy crisis, we were able to use a green energy provider, and historically our water bottles have been made using reclaimed plastic from the ocean. Macs are unsurprisingly the devices for both our business and personal use, and Apple is striving to achieve net zero by 2030.

These are all little, uncoordinated steps. We wanted to see if we could build a bit more structure into our sustainability efforts so we could make more of an impact – and this is when we discovered Treefo.

You may already know that we have a Feefo page. Feefo recently partnered with Ecologi, the climate solution specialists, to create ‘Treefo’ – where they fund the planting of trees for every review received. In essence, they turn feedback into forests.

The truth about trees

When we assessed our sustainability, we also wanted to ensure we could measure our carbon footprint. So, simply planting trees wasn’t good enough. We needed to trust that this was actually doing good in the world.

We were assured that Feefo and Ecologi’s reforestation partners:

  • Possess sufficient ecological credentials, knowledge, and experience
  • Effectively monitor, report, and provide evidence on trees being planted
  • Liaise with local communities to ensure the trees planted are delivering a genuine benefit
  • Have project site projection capabilities to maximise the site’s longevity and success and minimise vulnerability
  • Are ethical in terms of labour practices

James also asked about the life span of trees to check that they weren’t being harvested young. Baby trees aren’t mature enough to sequester carbon in large quantities, so Ecologi don’t count these as contributing towards offsetting our carbon footprint. This was immensely reassuring. While joining this scheme means that, yes, it’s going to be a while until the trees have an impact, being planted means they’re well on the way to doing so. 

Review us to plant a tree

By signing up for Treefo, your feedback reviews will not only allow future Lease Loop customers to understand the service we provide but they will help us all be a little bit more sustainable. 

While you’re sharing your feedback, we’ll be continuing to work to understand more about our carbon footprint, and what we can do to further push our sustainability efforts. Ski Sunday really drove home the impact of climate change. We’re hopeful for a future where the next generation has the opportunity to ski and freely access water, and sustainability is at the forefront of everything.