11th May 2021

From Leasing Macs To The US PGA: The Hidden Benefit Of Business

From Leasing Macs To The US PGA: How Our Clients Are Creating Our Story

For us, leasing is more than a transaction – it’s about a long-term, supportive relationship. So, when we sat down to write our business plan back in late 2014, our aim was to help ambitious people fulfil their potential through Mac leasing solutions. 

As time has gone on, we are becoming aware that this goal is increasingly working both ways. The ambitious are now the ones helping us to fulfil our potential.

Working with such inspiring clients hasn’t just developed our processes on a business level – it has helped us to achieve on a personal level too. This isn’t an opportunity we foresaw, but it’s providing us with opportunities that we could never have expected, including a connection to one of golf’s major events: the US PGA…

An opportunity like no other

The event that spurred this realisation was our son’s birthday. We approached Andy Proudman to see if we could organise a golf lesson as a present. Andy is a world-class coach and the co-owner of Me and My Golf, a client of ours, so it’s an opportunity that wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for our business.

During the lesson, our son also got to meet one of the world’s best golfers, Aaron Rai, who was at the same course that day. Andy, along with his business partner Piers Ward, has been coaching Aaron for the last 15 years. A relationship that started at a local Wolverhampton driving range when Aaron was just 11 has led to him winning twice on the European Tour. On 20th May 2021, he will be teeing off at Kiawah Island as part of the US PGA. 

The human element

Being able to meet and work with people like Andy, Piers and Aaron helps to feed our own ambitions and desires. As a parent, it’s so rewarding that we’re able to provide our children with the opportunity to meet people performing at an elite level – and it wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t lease Macs.

Interacting with such people has helped us realise that just because someone is well known, it doesn’t mean they’re not human. They’re just like you and I, achieving big things through hard work, dedication and investing in relationships. The same goes for professional golfers and high-ranking board members – they’re not just great business minds, they can be fantastic individuals too.

What’s your hidden benefit?

When listing the benefits of running a business, most people would say being able to take care of their families, or putting their footprint on the world. While those are true for us, there’s a hidden one: meeting people who operate on an elite level, and really changing life as we know it. Whether this be in sport, content creation, HR or legal services, we’re proud and humbled to attract such companies, and feel lucky that we can present ourselves with new opportunities.

Learning from these inspiring individuals and businesses even helps with our self-development, and that’s not something we ever captured in our business plan. It is, however, one of the biggest benefits of running a Mac leasing company. 

Listening to our clients share stories of how they’ve progressed is always enjoyable. Through them, we get to create our own. So, what are your stories? What unexpected, intangible benefits of business have you experienced? We’d love to hear them. Let us know by getting in touch with our team today.

If you want to follow the progress of Andy, Piers and Aaron at this year’s US PGA, you can do so by following Me and My Golf on their social media accounts: Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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