31st August 2016

Back to the Mac!

Apple fans may be in for a ‘Back to the Mac’ event this Autumn

As summer begins to fade, it’s time to celebrate Autumn, and for Apple customers it could be a busy time.

At the end of August, Apple invited the world’s media to its iPhone event on the 7th September with the line “We will see you on the 7th” and for Mac users, October could bring some much needed changes.

September’s event will see the launch of the iPhone 7 and possibly the Apple Watch 2 but it is the rumours surrounding a ‘Back to the Mac’ event in October that’s getting us really excited.

Throughout 2016, the rumour mill has been focusing on Apple refreshing the Macbook Pro with Retina Display line up. In March, the rumours were strong but Apple focused on the 9.7” iPad Pro. By the time of June’s WWDC they were at fever pitch but Apple focused on software. But now, the timing feels right and we think that the wait will be over by late October.

Many of the commentators have focused on the changes to the externals such as an OLED display and thinner design. However, the key changes for our customers need to come internally. We’re looking out for the latest Intel processors, DDR4 RAM and faster graphics to keep pace with resource hungry software.

MacBook Airs are rumoured to be getting USB-C connectivity and the iMacs are looking to be getting the latest AMD graphics processors. What’s really caught our attention is Bloomberg reporting that Apple are working with LG to launch a 5K external monitor.

You may recall that earlier on this year Apple had stopped manufacture of the 27” Thunderbolt Display and instead told customers to source 3rd party displays to work with the Mac Pro’s, Mac Mini’s, etc. Apple, producing its own external monitor would be a welcome addition to the line-up but it may also signify more about Apple’s intentions in the Pro market.

When Apple stopped manufacturing the Thunderbolt Display, this raised questions about the viability of the Mac Pro. Many reasoned that if Apple were discontinuing with their own display, could this have meant that they weren’t selling enough Mac Pro’s in order to justify producing one to accompany it?

It is interesting that in all of this speculation surrounding a Mac event in October, the Mac Pro does not even get a mention. It would be hard for anybody to argue that the Mac Pro is better than the most recent Workstation offerings from HP and Dell. Could it be that in October we will finally see a new and improved Mac Pro? Now, that would get us excited!

Tell us what you hope Apple’s focus will be. A new MacBook Pro or upgraded iMacs? We would love to hear from you. Message us via Twitter @LeaseLoop or Facebook.