18th October 2023

Are Chromebooks good for graphic design?

Graphic designers are in demand across the world as many companies and individuals realise the value that a talented designer can add to their business.

With graphic design now an increasingly popular career option, there is greater awareness of the part technological tools can play in producing the best work.

With that in mind, one question being asked is: Are chromebooks good for graphic design?’

Can Chromebooks be used for graphic design?

Chromebooks are laptops made by manufacturers running Chrome OS, which is a Linux-based operating system made by Google.

Chromebooks are popular because they suit beginners and those who are more advanced when it comes to adapting to innovative technology.

They also have a longstanding history – the first Chromebooks were introduced in 2011 – which has helped solidify a loyal customer base.

Now, to the question ‘Can you do graphic design on a chromebook?’

While graphic designers can use Chromebooks, they are not the ideal choice.

First, Chromebooks are known for having lower storage space and are incompatible with a lot of graphic design software like the Adobe suite.

However, many graphic design beginners use Chromebooks because they allow them to carry out basic tasks.

If you are a graphic designer who is just starting out, some of the best choices to opt for are the Google Pixelbook Go, Lenovo IdealPad Duet Chromebook, Lenovo ThinkPad C13 Yoga Chromebook, and Acer Chromebook Spin.

Given it is easier than before to become an advanced graphic designer, many in the sector are on the lookout for a device that will allow them to complete a full range of tasks.

That is why many graphic designers are turning to MacBooks.

MacBooks have been in use for longer than Chromebooks; the original MacBook was released back in 2006.

Although a majority of people opted for the Chromebook because it was coined the perfect budget laptop, more recently the narrative is changing – not least because MacBooks are incredibly affordable.

It is more straightforward to source a MacBook because there is the option leasing one, which allows you to spread out the cost over a manageable period.

Do Chromebooks perform well as a graphic design platform?

While Chromebooks are the ideal device for those looking to check their email, watch videos, and surf the web, when it comes to graphic design, they can be limiting.

For those who are contemplating ‘Is a chromebook good for graphic design?’ it is important to note Chromebooks are suitable for lightweight graphic design that can be carried out in a browser.

However, if you want to pursue a serious career in graphic design which requires you to carry out tasks like editing multiple layers of graphics, you will need to have a reliable device that caters to your needs.

This is why many budding graphic designers switch from Chromebooks to MacBooks because the latter has additional memory, more powerful processing, greater storage capacity, and a larger screen to focus on the details of your designs.

Using the appropriate software is a crucial part of graphic design, which might not be possible with Chromebooks. Although you can use web-based tools, it will be challenging to reach your full potential if you do not have access to advanced software that is compatible with alternatives like the MacBook.

In this regard, if you are experimenting with graphic design as a hobby and are in the practising stage, you can use a Chromebook.

Conversely, if you are a professional graphic designer, it may be almost compulsory to have certain programmes and features on your laptop that cannot be used on a Chromebook.

Given Apple is at the cutting edge of the technological trends, you can rest assured the best applications will always be available to download. Not only can this help you to complete your work more quickly, but it also helps you to make sure you are completing design projects of the highest quality.

Not only that, a career in graphic design is one that typically requires movement from place to place either to seek inspiration or to attend meetings. As you are required to be on the go, the battery life of a laptop is incredibly important. MacBooks again rate well in this respect.

Apple laptops are also lighter, making them less cumbersome to carry.

It should be no surprise then that graphic designers prefer a MacBook. They are durable, and reliable – meaning you won’t incur avoidable costs needing to replace them before time.

MacBooks for graphic designers from Lease Loop

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