13th August 2021

A Quieter Summer For The Mac? A Round-Up Of Revelations And Expectations

It’s been a quiet few months on the Mac front. As the days have gone by, we’ve patiently waited for some sort of update, but Apple news has completely dried up. While there was a recent upgrade to the Mac Pro that we didn’t see coming, it looks like autumn will be the season of change, bringing fresh 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros.

Join us as we round-up the latest in the Mac world.

Mac Pro update

This has been minor, and not what you’d expect. See, the only thing that Apple updated was the graphics card – the AMD Radeon Pro W6000 series graphics modules. Whilst we originally anticipated that an upgrade to the upcoming Intel Xeon W-3300 processors would accompany the new graphics card, this hasn’t happened.

As it’s unlikely that Apple would introduce the Mac Pro with these processors just a few weeks later, it looks like we won’t be seeing the device with them. They appear to be skipping the Xeon W-3300 series, so it’s possible Apple is biding their time for a major upgrade. Instead, maybe we’ll see greater updates to the Mac Pro with the silicon chip.

When it comes to the new graphics card series, it’s very high-end. It comes with 32GB of GDDRB 6 memory, delivering as much as 512GB/s memory bandwidth. Plus, it has four Thunderbolt ports, and supports up to six 4K displays, or three 5K displays, or alternatively, three Display XDRs. Not only that, there’s a HDMI 2.0 port on the card.

New MacBook Pros

Rumours have been flying around for a while that we’ll see a new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro. We even expected them at the WWDC event back in June. As of yet, however, they haven’t come to fruition.

These fresh models are expected to have an updated design, a more powerful silicon chip, and a new mini-LED display. The latter is particularly important, as it’s thought to be what’s causing the delays. There are reports that Apple is exploring other supplier routes to tackle issues caused by the pandemic, so we should see improved shipping speeds too.

In addition, Mark Gurman (the most reliable leaker out there) has said that Apple will have a quiet summer, but expects things to ramp up in autumn. This includes MacBook Pros and possibly even the iPad minis.

So, when will the new MacBook Pros be released? They could arrive at the potential Apple September Special Event, to make up for the small amount of rumoured enhancements to the iPhone and Apple Watch. However, if other devices are also released, such as the AirPods 3, this event could become overcrowded. Maybe that means there’ll be a surprise October Special Event dedicated to the new MacBooks.

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