Case Study

Johnsons 1871

Providing Johnsons 1871 with the latest technology

Johnsons 1871 are a relocation company who’ve been around since their name stipulates. Whilst they’ve always been underpinned by the same brand values, they’ve also always been willing to move with the times. The recent COVID-19 outbreak has changed the way the business world operates, and Johnsons’ core service of helping people to adapt has never been more important.

With their services already being used by big-name clients, including the NHS, B&Q and Barclays, Johnsons 1871 recognise that once the government relaxes the social distancing rules and people return to their workplaces, there needs to be an effective solution in place that will ensure all staff feel safe.

The Johnsons solution

Johnsons caters for domestic and business moves, as well as providing specialist services like laboratory logistics, installation services and project management. Whilst the business has changed hands a few times, Gareth Hilton is the current Managing Director having been at Johnsons for 18 years.

Over this period, the commercial division has grown significantly. Gareth and his team have had to react quickly to provide innovative solutions – and, in the current global pandemic, this has been even more crucial.

The first of their services is the touchless disinfection solution, which kills 99% of harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi and mould – including coronavirus. The other solution will aid employees in returning to the workplace, whilst maintaining social distancing.

Post-lockdown, it’s likely that social distancing measures will be a necessity in the workplace to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. However, to do this effectively would mean only 25% of workstations being occupied. Whilst it’s expected that some enterprises will embrace homeworking, others simply have to return to the business environment.

Johnsons can screen and reconfigure the spaces to allow people to be separated in a more efficient manner. With this solution, 70% of the team would fit in the space – maximising occupancy.

It’s no surprise that the business is garnering a lot of interest from those wanting to use their office space to its full potential. Whilst no one can say what the future holds, one thing is certain: safety will be key. The latest technology also helps Johnsons to provide a high-level of customer care from the offset – and that’s where Lease Loop come in

Supporting safety

“I’d known James through networking for over a year, and the time came around to upgrade our computers. We need these devices for the various cloud-based systems we use, along with manipulating images and PDFs which is much simpler than doing so through a Windows machine.

“We looked into two different paths – either leasing through Lease Loop, or choosing Apple’s direct finance option. As leasing had a tax benefit, this was the best choice for us.

“After a quick conversation, James was able to advise us on the specific machines that would be best for us. The process was really easy and went smoothly. We’re happy to say there’s not been any issues.”

Johnsons can help any enterprise looking to establish effective social distancing measures in their workplace, as well as those businesses that provide space to other organisations. If you’d like to benefit through one of their solutions, simply send an email to Gareth today.