Case Study

Energy Angels Case Study

We love helping our clients grow, especially when they’re doing something for the greater good. Take Energy Angels, for example – an energy service company who supports housing associations and letting agents with energy management, and gives advice to tenants, businesses and homeowners about their bills.

Since 2006, Energy Angels has enabled the community to save a significant amount of money – but they don’t stop there. We spoke to their CEO and Founder Lewis Taylor about their support of the vulnerable, and their initiative to give back…

Energy support for everyone

With large numbers of the UK population working remotely, on furlough, or having suffered redundancy, people are spending more time than ever in their homes. As a result, energy bills have increased, causing a headache to millions.

Add to this the price hike recently announced by Ofgem, where the average dual energy bill will go up by £96 a year, and it’s understandable why Energy Angels has seen a huge increase in the demand for their services.

Energy Angels’ transformation with Lease Loop – Explore the success story in our case study.

The Energy Angels website allows individuals to compare energy prices and switch to a tariff and provider that suits their requirements. Spending five minutes on the comparison site can save them an average of £219 if they haven’t switched recently. Energy Angels will also take care of the switching process between suppliers at no extra cost, making it a quick and simple job.

This can be of particular benefit to more vulnerable residents. Energy Angels recognises that, of those who move to social housing properties, some unfortunately have limited internet access, lack computer skills or do not have anyone to support them with such tasks. Fortunately, financial inclusion organisations exist to help the community access services like Energy Angels.

What’s more, the Energy Angels team is happy to help any individuals who are in need of assistance, completely free of charge. They work with social landlords to reduce their residents’ energy costs, as well as support them with free void energy spend, smart metering, debt resets and any energy supply issues.

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Full environmental sustainability

That same level of care is extended to the environment. Energy Angels aims to be completely environmentally sustainable, and they’re committed to going carbon neutral by the end of 2021. Fortunately, they’re more agile than some of the big players, and can meet this goal more quickly. In fact, they’ve already started taking steps in the right direction.

Energy Angels checks that every single energy supplier has actually earnt their renewable energy certificates – rather than simply bought them. This involves scrutinising electricity charges, and ensuring that they’re using renewable sources.

They’re extending this approach to other areas of their business too. They use biodegradable products in their office, and they can guarantee that all new purchases and contracts are with zero-carbon companies. As for existing agreements, Energy Angels will ensure they’re zero carbon by the end of the year. If they’re not, they’ll look elsewhere.


Giving back

Energy Angels aims to help people and they have numerous initiatives focussed on giving back. One such initiative is that each team member can have a minimum of five paid days per annum to help with a community project.

They’re also eager to support locally, which is why they’re the official energy partner of Premier League football team Wolves F.C. and the main sponsor of Wolves Women F.C. It’s more than just a sponsorship – it highlights low-cost energy to fans and families in the area, ensuring they can tackle increasing prices during the pandemic and beyond.

If you, or any members of your team, are looking to reduce your energy bills, take five minutes to see if you can cut your bills on the Energy Angels website. Whether you’re powering your business premises or your own home, they can help.

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